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Gifted with a gritty and genuine voice that immediately feels familiar to fans of rock and country music, Idaho-born songwriter, singer, and guitarist Jeff Crosby has been writing songs, grinding out shows, and sharing his unique perspective of Americana throughout the United States and beyond for the better part of the past 10 years.  Alongside him now to form “The Refugees”, brother Andy Crosby (bass) and Ben Brault (drums) have created a force of honest, provocative rock and roll that is quickly gathering both a fervent fan base and critical acclaim wherever they go. 

 Two songs (Oh Love, Oh Lord and This Old Town) from the first official release featuring The Refugees, 2013’s  Silent Conversations, were featured on the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy, and now in 2014 the band has released their first full-length LP titled All Nighter.

 An 11-track album released significantly on July 4th, 2014 and recorded in both Los Angeles and Idaho, All Nighter is a powerful and cohesive record that deals with love, loss, and a new perspective of the American Dream.  As renowned publication NoDepression puts it, “The story is there, the musicality is there, the songs are just great.”  All Nighter is available now.




“There are a million people out there with a guitar and a voice making music, but Jeff Crosby is a diamond in the rough.”

-Joe Armstong (Independent’s Day Podcast)

 ”The dusty, dreamy rock and roll of Jeff Crosby and the Refugees isn’t dismissible or fluffy, although the Americana-rooted songs could as easily fit into a glowing ’90s alt-rock radio lineup as a dingy, sticky-floored dive bar. The Springsteen-esque songs delve deeply into the core of personal turmoil, blue-collar lifestyles and nomadic tendencies. From the hollowness of the city and drinking until you can’t feel to running away from personal demons, unsustainable relationships, cold winters and voyeuristic loneliness.”

-Brianna Brey (The Bend Source)

“This is very well-rounded and greatly produced music. The standout is Jeff Crosby’s voice. It’s just incredible, unique, and such a pleasure to listen to. In listening to this record, I have been made a fan of Jeff Crosby.”

-Brian Carroll (No Depression)


 ”Drawing from The Byrds, The Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, James Taylor and other icons of rock, folk and country rock, Crosby uses these influences to help sketch the outlines. The finish paintings are all his own.”

- S. Victor Aaron (


“Jeff Crosby and The Refugees breathe some new life into a genre that’s been somewhat lacking.”

- Ross Condit (In Your Speakers)


“On All Nighter, Crosby continues to carry the torch for straight-up, no-nonsense rock, with a worldview and wisdom far beyond his years and rural upbringing with the clarity of mind that comes from growing up in gorgeous, uncluttered surroundings.”

-Victor Aaron (


“The right addition to any singer/songwriter fans collection.” 

- Kat Koffin (Performer Magazine)


“Jeff Crosby and the Refugees are a band poised on the edge of greatness.”

-Phil Santala (Jam Plus Media)




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